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Our companies are not only the market leaders in the management of retail troubled assets, consulting & CRM solutions but are also pioneers in approaching new possibilities.

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In MOUNTAINS, we have fallen in love with the mountains and difficult challenges, which essentially sets the tone of our investment activities. We are determined to beat new paths and climb mountains of opportunities where others fear to tread or fail to see the possibility. We believe in directness, clarity, fairness and trust. We are an independent investment group with the ambition to change market standards by breaking dogmas and shifting approaches to customers. We are a mountain guide to the world of business opportunities.

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We are a group of professionals with various specializations combined with a shared philosophy and approach to life. Our core team consists of these experienced mountaineers:

Jakub Zakrzecki Jakub Zakrzecki Founder / Chief Guide

Jakub is a life optimist who is rarely satisfied with the word "impossible". Demanding of both himself & the people around him, yet a real human support you want to have by your side when climbing the highest peaks. He was involved in the building and restructuring of several successful companies. Likewise, he now points in the direction of the high objectives of our investment group.

Jan Srytr Jan Srytr CLO / Legal Guide

Jan is the conscience of the holding, the man who sets the legal aspect of matters side by side with social responsibility and fair approach. He can be best described as an ethical brainstormer. For many years he has been personally involved as an attorney defending client’s rights. He now engineers the ethical core of our varied companies and products.

David Lukacovic Kamil Kavka COO / Chief Operation Officer

Kamil is an essential part of MOUNTAINS, Jakub's right hand, a great pragmatist, working hard to maintain quality a meeting deadlines. In addition, he is an excellent athlete with inborn competitive nature, he very much does not like to lose. So, MOUNTAINS has another a very focused colleague who works hard and believes in the group's mission. He relies on experience gained in the operation and marketing of financial and consulting companies.

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CBD - Robinson point
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Tel.: +65 675 04 636